Communitarian theories of justice essay

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Communitarian Theories of Justice Essay

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Theories of Justice Essay

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Communitarianism Essay

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Very likely they will allow on some more important points. Rawls’ theory, justice as fairness, wishes to take the ideas of traditional social contract theories to a higher level of abstraction. His theory is thoroughly explained through a pre-societal position called the original position, the notion of the veil of ignorance, and the two principles of justice.

Three Theories of Justice: Utilitarianism, Justice as Fairness, and Libertarianism (1) Utilitarianism A society, according to Utilitarianism, is just to the extent that its laws and institutions are such as to promote the greatest overall or average happiness of its members.

Communitarianism: Communitarianism, social and political philosophy that emphasizes the importance of community in the functioning of political life, in the analysis and evaluation of political institutions, and in understanding human identity and well-being.

It arose in the s as a critique of two prominent. This essay is therefore divided in three parts, and for each part I present the main communitarian claims, followed by an argument (in each part) that philosophical concerns in the s have largely given way to the political concerns that motivated much of the communitarian critique in the first place.

This is the approach to justice from the communitarian. Communitarianism in the last few decades has sparked in popularity among political philosophers. Communitarians believe that political theories, such as classic liberalism, leaves out the importance and significance of the community.

implications of communitarian justice 1) justice is not going to be neutral or impartial. justice involves favoring certain shared values/conceptions of the good over others 2) aside from minimal threshold requirements, different communities will value different things.

justice is different in different societies at different times.

Communitarian theories of justice essay
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