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School Leadership ‘The Anger Pushed Me Through’: On Founding a School Jose Luis Navarro, a principal and former California Teacher of the Year, shares his struggles and successes working with disadvantaged students in Los Angeles.

The Teacher Leadership Competencies 1 Introduction Teacher leadership is no longer optional. Its importance in student learning, teacher retention, school culture, school improvement, the.

Exemption from the Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Language Acquisition Requirements Classroom teachers, school leaders and Level III Teaching Assistants who are employed by a school district or BOCES with an approved exemption pursuant to section (k) shall be exempt from the language acquisition CTLE requirements prescribed in this subdivision for each such.

During the five-year period starting on July 1,professionally certified teachers and Level III certified paraprofessionals are required to collect a total of professional development hours, now called Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) hours, by a state-approved provider such as the UFT Teacher Center.

Teacher leaders assume a wide range of roles to support school and student success. Whether these roles are assigned formally or shared informally, they build the entire school's capacity to improve.

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This was a discussion that came up at BEtreat Canada: What are the similarities between a social learning leader and a teacher?We had a quick brainstorm and the results were captured by Bonnie Johnston here.

If it’s hard to see the visual, this is what it says.

Teacher leader
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