Why teachers should have guns

If You Give White Teachers Guns, I’m Pulling My Black Son Out of School

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At least 17 people have died after a year-old ex-pupil opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Why are Americans so obsessed with guns?

It's the deadliest school shooting sincewhen 26 people. A MINORITY VIEW Why are guns behaving more poorly today?

Advancing the Debate: Should Teachers Carry Guns?

Walter E. Williams compares safety of U.S. schools with those of yesteryear Published: 06/05/ at PM. Donald Trump says teachers trained to carry concealed guns could stop school shootings.

Who should regulate guns – the federal government or the states? By John Vettese, Student Voices staff writer Last week, California Gov.

Jerry Brown signed two pieces of legislation that gun rights advocates see as a blow to their Second Amendment freedoms.

Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted? The United States has guns per people, or about , guns, which is the highest total and per capita number in the world.

22% of Americans own one or more guns (35% of men and 12% of women). Community discussions and forums for Guns: Title Updated Last By Comments; Democrats vow action on gun control after Calif.

Why teachers should have guns
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